If you are interesd in participating in any of our research please fill out this survey

Research with Adults
Recruiting 18-25 year olds to participate in a three part brain development and plasticity study. The first part of the study is a behavioral session where participants will complete some cognitive tasks and answer some questionnaires. The second and third parts are imaging portions where participants will complete computerized tasks. To be eligible you must be able to participate in all three parts.

Research with Children
We are currently recruiting 4-7 year olds to participate in a two part study. 
In the first part of the study, your child will play some games with us while you fill out some questionnaires. The second part of this study is an imaging portion where your child would come back to our lab, watch movie clips in the scanner, and recieve a picture of their brain! We use an MRI machine to take pictures which is a safe, radiation free, magnet. During the first session we teach your child about how the MRI machine works using a mock MRI machine. We demonstrate how the MRI machine works using a stuffed animal and then the child gets to practice.

If you have any questions, or want to learn more about our research, please give us a call at 215-573-1670 or email us at mackeylab@sas.upenn.edu . If you are interested in participating in any of our research, please fill out this survey.