Ever Wonder How Our Brains Change as We Grow Up?

We are currently recruiting 4-17 year olds to participate in a study on brain development.

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This study will consist of two portions. During one portion, your child will play some games with us while you fill out some questionnaires. The other portion of the study is an imaging portion where your child will watch movie clips in our scanner and receive a picture of their brain! We use an MRI machine to take pictures which is a safe, radiation free magnet. Prior to the real scan, we will demonstrate to your child how the scanner works using our pretend MRI machine (which you can see in the picture above!). We will show your child what the scanner will be like by using a stuffed animal and then your child gets to practice. If at any time your child does not want to participate we will stop and you are free to leave. The study will take about 5-6 hours on the weekend and you can earn up to $75 per child along with $20 towards your transportation costs.


Ever Wonder Why Your Child’s Behavior Seems to Change Every Day?

We are currently recruiting families of 3 year olds to participate in a 2-week study you can do at home!

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In this study you will answer quick questions about your child via text message and record a video at night of your child brushing their teeth. You will complete this study at home. You will receive compensation up to $50.

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