Ever Wonder How Our Brains Change as We Grow Up?

We are currently recruiting 4-9 year olds to participate in a study on brain development.

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This is a two-part study. During the first part, your child will play games with us while a parent or caregiver fills out questionnaires. The second part is an MRI. The MRI machine takes pictures of the brain using a radiation-free magnet. Prior to the real scan, we will demonstrate to your child how the scanner works using our pretend MRI machine (shown above). The study will take 5-6 hours on the weekend and you can earn up to $75 per child along with $20 towards your transportation costs.



Ever Wonder Why Your Child’s Behavior Seems to Change Every Day?

We are currently recruiting families of 3 year olds to participate in a 2-week study you can do at home!

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In this study you will answer quick questions about your child via text message and record a video at night of your child brushing their teeth. You will complete this study at home. You will receive compensation up to $50.

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